General Information

General Information

Our academy started the services of education on September 11,1996 as affiliated to Niğde University. According to the article of additional 64. clause of Law no. 5467, which was published in the official gazette dated 17.03.2006, it became affiliated to Aksaray University. In our Academy, theoretical lessons for the students are given in administrative building having a closed area of 12.000 m2, and applied lessons are given in our Indoor Sports Hall near our administrative building.    

The main objective of our academy is to bring up coaches and athletes that will take Turkey a step forward sportively with the help of a quality education, and to bring up Physical Education and Sports Teachers that will make sports a life style by promoting it among the students, who are the future of our country.   

In our Academy, there are still 19 academic staff members(7 Assoc. Prof. Dr, 2 Asst. Prof. Dr , 6 academicians, 3 researchers and 1 lecturer).There is 7 administrative staff

Present Administrative Areas

Our Academy has Indoor Athleticism Parkour, Archery Hall, Fighting Sports Hall and Folk Dance Hall. 

On the ground floor, there are Canteen, Security, Drivers’ room, Fitness Hall, Gymnasium Hall, Wrestling Hall, Tennis Hall and Squash Hall.

On the first floor, there are Private Secretary, Director, Vice Presidents, Faculty Secretary, Heads of Departments, Faculty Members and meeting rooms, Editorial Office, Accounting, Student affairs office, computer lab, classrooms and conference hall.

On the second floor, there are rooms of faculty members, Construction Works and Technical Department, Office of External Affairs, Institute of Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences Institute.


There are indoor sports hall with a capacity of 500, athleticism parkour and stadium belonging to our academy.