Department İnformation


Department of Physical Education Teaching consists of Physical Education and Sports Education Departments. Physical Education Department started in 1996-97 education year and produced graduates in 2000 for the first time. Students who graduated from our department work as physical education teachers in secondary schools and high schools affiliated to Ministry of National Education. Also, they work as faculty members in universities and in different positions of various private sector. 

Mission of Physical Education Programme:

It is to provide a contemporary physical and sports education that have unique and aesthetic values making use of science and technology, producing knowledge and technology, respecting to human rights, researching and being loyal to Atatürk’s principles and reforms in the light of universal values, to bring up individuals who aim to make sports and its culture popular, and to introduce these individuals to the benefit of society.   

Vision of Physical Education Programme:

It is to increase national and international scientific research quaility by means of students who will graduate/graduated, and the studies done. Also it aims to be a pioneering institue that creates physically educated individuals and thus a community.